Welcome to Marne Ryan Designs

All the work is made from 15, 17, 19 or 1/4" x 21 gauge round wire and 28 gauge sheet. The 18k red, white, pale yellow, green, peach or regular gold, 22k and 24k gold and platinum are fused for the High Karat Pieces. The same wire and sheet sizes in Sterling silver with 24k, 22k and 18k gold are used in the Silver and Gold work.

Individual wires or sheets are cut and formed into multiple pieces. Each sheet may contain hundreds of smaller pieces. Wires are cut and spiraled, folded, bent, and milled with a texture. Sheet metal is cut into strips, triangles, squares, rectangles or arcs, and some are folded into specific shapes then milled or heat treated. The texture is made by placing the wire or sheet in patterns on a sterling silver or 22k gold 2'' X 3" X 28 gauge sheet, or a 21 gauge disc. It is fused then milled to an even thickness. The process is repeated until the desired texture is achieved. A unique alloy of 18 karat pale yellow is used in the framing the pieces.

"I love to play with fire, suspending the rules of what can't be done with metal and integrating the elegance of form and function within the barely controlled chaos of my life." 

        -Marne Ryan